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1. L.J. Cabri, J.L. Campbell, J.H.G. LaFlamme, R.G. Leigh, J.A. Maxwell and J.D. Scott (Work done at the Heidelberg SPM).
 Proton-microprobe analysis of trace elements in sulfides from some massive-sulfide deposits.
Canadian Mineralogist 23, 133-148 (1985).

2. A.D. Paktunc, L.J. Hulbert and D.C. Harris.  
Partitioning of the platinum-group and other trace elements in sulfides from the Bushveld complex and Canadian occurrences of nickel-copper sulfides.  
Canadian Mineralogist 28, 475-488 (1990)

3. L.J. Cabri, S.L. Chryssoulis, J.L. Campbell and W.J. Teesdale
Comparison of in-situ gold analyses in arsenian pyrite
Applied Geochemistry 6, 225-230 (1991)

4. G.K. Czamanske, V.E. Kunilov, M.L. Zientek, L.J. Cabri, A.P. Likhachev, L.C. Calk and R.I. Oscarson
A proton microprobe study of sulfide ores from the Norilsk-Talnakh District, Siberia
Canadian Mineralogist 30, 249-287 (1992)

5. K. Hattori, S. Arai, D.M. Francis, D. Francis and D. Barrie 
Variations of siderophile and chalcophile trace elements among mantle-derived sulphides detected by in-situ micro-PIXE analysis
EOS, 7 April, 1992, p. 344

6. L.J.  Cabri, L. Hulbert, J.H.G. LaFlamme, R. Lastra, S.H. Sie, C.G. Ryan and J.L. Campbell 
Process mineralogy of samples from the Wellgreen Cu-Ni-Pt-Pd deposit, Yukon
Explor. Mining Geol. 2, 105-119 (1993)

7. N.M. Halden, F.C. Hawthorne, J.L. Campbell, W.J. Teesdale, J.A. Maxwell and D. Higuchi 
Chemical characterization of oscillatory zoning and overgrowths in zircon using 3 MeV µ-PIXE 
Canadian Mineralogist 31, 637-647 (1993)

 8. A. Protz, W.J. Teesdale, J.A. Maxwell, J.L. Campbell and C. Duke 
Earthworm transport of heavy metals from sewage sludge: a micro-PIXE application in soil science
Nucl. Inst. & Meth. in Phys. Res. B77, 509-516 (1993)

9. A.D. Tomlin, R. Protz, R.R. Martin, D.C. McCabe and R.J. Lagac 
Relationships among organic matter content, heavy metal concentrations, earthworm activity, and soil microfabric on a sewage sludge disposal site 
Geoderma 57, 89-103 (1993)

10. N.M. Halden, W.J. Teesdale and J.L. Campbell 
Scanning proton microprobe mapping of rare elements in mineral cleavages, fractures and grain boundaries; evidence for rare element mobility 
Canadian Mineralogist 33, 961-971 (1995)

 11. V.M. Graham and J.D. Robertson 
Micro-PIXE analysis of framboidal pyrite and associated mackerel types in oil shale 
Fuel 74, 530-535 (1995)

12. A.D. Paktunc and L.J. Cabri 
A proton- and electron-microprobe study of gallium, nickel and zinc distribution in chromian spinel 
Lithos 35, 261-282 (1995)

 13. A.D. Paktunc and L. Hulbert 
Geology of the Sturgeon Lake 01 kimberlite, Saskatchewan: a proton microprobe study of the macrocryst phase
Exploration and Mining Geology 5, 263-279 (1996) 

14. J.M. Heikoop, C.J. Tsujita, M. Risk, T. Tomascik and A.J. Mak
Modern iron ooids from a shallow marine volcanic setting: Mahengetang, Indonesia 
Geology 24, 759-762 (1996) 

15. R. Moss and S. D. Scott 
Silver in sulfide chimneys and mounds from 13oN and 21oN, East Pacific Rise
Canadian Mineralogist 34, 697-716 (1996)

 16. B.E. Corbett, W.D. Goodfellow and W.M. Luff 
The distribution of indium and tin on the 1000 meter level in the Brunswick #12 massive sulfide deposit,  Bathurst Mining Camp, N.B.
GACMAC Annual Meeting, 22 (1997) A30

 17. R. Kretz, J.L. Campbell, E.L. Hoffman, R. Hartree and W.J. Teesdale 
Approaches to equilibrium in the distribution of trace elements among the principal minerals in a high-grade metamorphic terrane
J. Metamorphic Geol 17  41-59 (1997) 

18. T. Oberthür, L. Cabri, T.W. Weiser G. McMahon and P. Müller
Pt, Pd and other trace elements in sulfides of the main sulfide zone, great dyke, Zimbabwe: a reconnaissance study
Canadian Mineralogist 35 597-609 (1997) 

19. K. Hattori
Occurrence and origin of sulfide and sulfate in the 1991 Mount Pinatubo eruption products
In: Fire and Mud: eruptions and Lahars of Mount Pinatubo, Philippines” edited by C.G. Newall and R.S. Punongbayan, Univ. Washington Press, Seattle (1997) 

20. J. D. Keith, J. A. Whitney, K. Hattori, G. H. Ballantyne, E.H. Christiansen, D. L. Barr, T. M. Cannan and C. J. Hook
The role of magmatic sulfides and mafic alkaline magmas in the Bingham and Tintic mining districts, Utah
J. Petrology 38, 1679-1690(1997) 

21. D. Canil
The Ni-in-garnet geothermometer: calibration at natural abundances
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 136, 240-246 (1999)

 22. N. A. Bryxina, Yu. V. Dublyansky, N.M. Halden, J.L. Campbell, W.J. Teesdale
Statistical characteristics of oscillatory zoning in cave calcite - popcorn from Hungary Dokl. Akad. Nauk.372, 514-517 (1999) 

23. L. J. Cabri, W. Petruk, J. H. G. Laflamme and J. Robitaille 
Quantitative mineralogical balances for major and trace elements in samples from Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd., Quebec, Canada
Analytical Technology in the Mineral Industries, edited by L. J. Cabri et al, The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (1999)

24. N.A. Bryxina, V.S. Sheplev O.I. Ripinen, N.M. Halden, J.L. Campbell and W.J. Teesdale
Qualitative analyses of dynamic model of Wang-Merino and quantitative estimates of trace elements distributions in sample from Arc-Bogdo (Mongolia)
Geology and Geophysics 9, 1287-1297  (2000) 

25. T. Pichler, J.M. Heikoop, M.J. Risk, J. Veizer and J.L. Campbell 
Hydrothermal effects on isotope and trace element records in modern reef corals: an introductory study of porites lobata from Tutum Bay, Ambitle Island, Papau New Guinea
Palaios 15, 225-234 (2000)

 26. I. A. Simpson, S. Perdikaris, G. Cook, J.L. Campbell and W.J. Teesdale 
Cultural sediment analyses and transitions in early fishing activity at Langenesvaerer, Vesteralen, Northern Norway

GeoArchaeology 15, 743-763 (2000) 

27. G. C. Wilson, J. C. Rucklidge, J. L. Campbell, Z. Nejedly and W. J. Teesdale
Applications of PIXE to mineral characterization
Nucl. Instr. Meth. B189, 387-393 (2002) 

 28. K. H. Hattori, S. Arai and D. B. Clarke
Selenium, tellurium and antimony contents of primary mantle sulfides
Canadian Mineralogist 40, 637-650 (2002) 

29. L.J. Cabri, J.M.D. Wilson, V.V. Distler, Z. Nejedly and S.F. Sluzhenikin
Mineralogical distribution of trace platinum-group elements from the disseminated sulphide ores of the Noril’sk layered intrusion

Applied Earth Science B111, 15-22 (2002) 

30. L. J. Cabri, K. Kojonen, T. Oberthur, T. Weiser, B. Johanson, S.H. Sie, J.L. Campbell, W.J. Teesdale, J.H.G. Laflamme.
Understanding the distribution of platinum-group elements in some mineral deposits; comparison of trace element analyses obtained by electron microprobe and micro-PIXE
Microkimica Acta 147, 167-173 (2004)

31. F. Gervilla, L.J. Cabri, K. Kojonen, T. Oberthur, T. Weiser, B. Johanson, S.H. Sie, J.L. Campbell, W.J. Teesdale, J.H.G. Laflamme
Understanding the distribution of platinum-group elements in some mineral deposits; comparison of trace element analyses obtained by electron microprobe and micro-PIXE
Microkimica Acta 147, 167-173 (2004)

32. H.E. Jamieson, C. Robinson, C.N. Alpers, D.K. Nordstrom, A. Poustovetov, H.A. Lowers. 
The composition of coexisting jarosite-group minerals and water from the Richmond Mine, Iron Mountain,California
Canadian Mineralogist 43, 1225-1242 (2005)

33. H.E. Jamieson, C. Robinson, C.N. Alpers, R.B. McCleskey, D.K. Nordstrom, R.C. Peterson.
Major and trace element composition of  copiapite-group minerals and coexisting water from Richmond Mine, Iron Mountain, California
Chemical Geology 215, 387-405 (2005)

34. J.C. Hower, J. L. Campbell, W. J. Teesdale, Z. Nejedly, J. D. Robertson
Scanning proton microprobe analysis of mercury and other trace elements in Fe-sulfides from a Kentucky coal.
Int. J. Coal Geology 75, 88-92 (2008).


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1. G.C. Wilson
Mineralogy of sulphide ores from the H-W Kuroko deposit, British Columbia, part II. Multi-element analysis of the ore minerals
Turnstone Geological Services Ltd. Report 1993-06, for Westmin Resources Ltd and The Mineral Deposits Research Unit, University of British Columbia, 44 pp (1993)
2. T.J. Barrett, S.J. Juras, R. Sherlock, G.C. Wilson and R. Allen
Geological investigations of the H-W deposit, Buttle Lake Camp, Central Vancouver Island (092F/12E)
In `Geological Fieldwork 1993' (B. Grant and J.M. Newell, editors), B.C. Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Paper 1994-1, 385 pp., 339-344 (1994)  

3. G.C. Wilson
Mineralogy and textural features of grab samples from gold prospects in Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil and Chile 
Turnstone Geological Services Ltd. Report 1995-05, for Minera Homestake Chile, S.A., Santiago, 53 pp (1995) 

4. G.C. Wilson
Microanalysis of metal-rich gossan from Canatun, Philippines
Turnstone Geological Services Ltd. Report 1995-08, for Mineral Deposits Research Unit, University of British Columbia/TVI Copper Inc., Calgary, 14 pp (1995) 

5. G.C. Wilson
Proton microprobe analysis of sulfides in high-grade gold ore, Golden Bear deposit, Northwestern British Columbia 
Turnstone Geological Services Ltd. Report 1995-11, for Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, 16 pp (1995)  

5. G.C. Wilson
Mineralogy and metal distributions in oxide copper ores of the Potrerillos Mine, Chile 
Turnstone Geological Services Report 1995-26, for Minera Homestake Chile, S.A., Santiago, 33 pp (1995) 

6. G.C. Wilson
Proton microprobe analysis of an oxide ore: search for gold and other elements of interest 
Turnstone Geological Services Ltd. Report 1996-02, for Lakefield Research of Canada Ltd., Ontario, 8 pp (1996) 

7. G.C. Wilson
Mineralogical notes on miscellaneous samples: sulfidic charnockite, native gold, and the Moorabie and Millbillillie meteorites
Turnstone Geological Services Ltd. Report 1996-101, 24 pp (1996)  

8. G.C. Wilson
Proton microprobe analysis of Getafe: mineral chemistry of a proposed exotic meteorite 
IsoTrace Laboratory, University of Toronto, 11 pp (1997) 

9. G.C. Wilson
Mineralogy of the Feitais massive sulfide deposit, Aljustrel District, Iberian Pyrite Belt, Southern Portugal 
Turnstone Geological Services Ltd. Report 1998-09, for International Vestor Resources Ltd., Vancouver, 80 pp (1998)




(A subset of our publications that is germane to geochemical analysis)
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1. J.L. Campbell, L.J. Cabri, P.S.Z. Rogers, K. Traxel and T.M. Benjamin 
Calibration of micro-PIXE analysis of sulfide minerals 
Nucl. Instr. Meth. B22, 437-441 (1987)  

2. G. Remond, F. Cesbron, K. Traxel, J.L. Campbell and L.J. Cabri 
Electron microprobe analysis and proton-induced x-ray spectrometry  applied to trace element analysis in sulfides: problems and prospects 
Scanning Microscopy, 11017-1037 (1987)  

3. A. Perujo, T.J. Riddolls and J.L. Campbell 
Design of a dedicated target chamber for PIXE microanalysis of mineral samples 
Nucl. Instr. Meth. B30, 280-283 (1988)  

4. J.L. Campbell, J.A. Maxwell, W.J. Teesdale and J.-X. Wang 
Micro-PIXE as a complement to electron probe microanalysis in mineralogy 
Instr. Meth. B44, 347-356 (1990) 

5. J.L. Campbell, W.J. Teesdale and N.M. Halden 
Micro-PIXE analysis in mineralogy and geochemistry 
Geoscience Canada, Dec. 1992, 175-179  

6. G.K. Czamanske, T.W. Sisson, J.L. Campbell and W.J. Teesdale 
Micro-PIXE Analysis of Silicate Reference Standards 
American Mineralogist 78, 893-903 (1993)  

7. W.J. Teesdale, J.L. Campbell and N.M. Halden 
Two-dimensional mapping of element variation in minerals using the Guelph Proton Microprobe 
Nucl. Instr. & Meth. in Phys. Res. B77, 405-509 (1993) 

8. J.L. Campbell and W.J. Teesdale
Micro-PIXE analysis of major elements in mineral specimens
Instr. & Meth. in Phys. Res. B74, 503-510 (1993) 

9. J.L. Campbell, W.J. Teesdale and N.M. Halden
Theory, practice and application of PIXE micro-analysis and SPM element mapping 
Canadian Mineralogist 33, 279-292 (1995) 

10. N.M. Halden, J.L. Campbell and W.J. Teesdale
Micro-PIXE in geochemistry and mineralogy
Canadian Mineralogist 33, 93-302 (1995) 

11. J.L. Campbell, W.J. Teesdale, B. Kjarsgaard and L.J. Cabri 
Micro-PIXE analysis of silicate reference standards for trace Ni, Cu, Ga, Ge, As, Rb, Sr, Y, Zr, Nb, Mo and Pb with emphasis on the Ni-in-garnet geothermometer
Canadian Mineralogist 34, 37-48 (1995) 

12. J.L. Campbell, G.K. Czamanske, L. MacDonald and W.J. Teesdale
Quantitative analysis of major elements in silicate minerals and glasses by micro-PIXE
Nucl. Instr. & Meth. in Phys. Res. B130, 608-616 (1997) 

13. M. Kurosawa, J.L. Campbell, W.J. Teesdale, H. Ohyi, Y. Deguchi and S. Murao  
Quantitative trace element analyses of silicate reference materials and a stainless steel using the proton microprobe

Chem. Geol. 160, 241-250 (1999) 

14. Z. Nejedly and J.L. Campbell 
Standardization of a micro-PIXE system using NIST iron- and nickel-based standard reference materials
Nucl. Instrum. Meth. in Phys. Res. B160. 415-423 (2000)

15.  J.A Maxwell and  J.L. Campbell

 Improvements in the top-hat filter approach for PIXE background  removal. 

 Nucl. Instr. Meth. B189, 143-147 (2002).

16. A. Denker, J. Opitz-Coutereau, J.L. Campbell, J.A. Maxwell, T.L. Hopman.
High-energy PIXE: quantitative analysis.
Nucl. Instr. Meth 219/220, 130-135 (2004).

17. J.A. Maxwell, J.L. Campbell
A new approach to pile-up modelling in PIXE.
X-Ray Spectrom. 34, 320-322 (2005).

18. A. Denker, J. Opitz-Coutureau, J. Rauschenberg, J.L. Campbell, J.A. Maxwell, T. Hopman
Quantitative analysis using very energetic protons.
X-Ray Spectrom. 34, 376-380 (2005).

19. B.L. Doyle, P.P. Provencio, P.G. Kotule, A.J. Antolak, C.G. Ryan, J.L. Campbell, K. Barrett
PIXE-quantified AXSIA: Elemental mapping by multivariate spectral analysis.
Nucl. Instr. Meth.B249, 828-832 (2006).



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1. J.L. Campbell 
Chapter 6 (Applications in Earth Sciences) of “Particle-induced X-ray emission spectrometry”, (Vol. 133 of the Chemical Analysis Series) eds. S.A.E. Johansson, J.L. Campbell, K.G. Malmqvist, John Wiley, 1995

 2. J.L. Campbell and G.K. Czamanske
Micro-PIXE in earth science.
 In `Applications of Microanalytical Techniques to Understanding Mineralizing Processes', eds. M.A. McKibben, W.C.P. Shanks III, W.I. Ridley (Society of Economic Geologists Short Course; Reviews of Economic Geology 7, 169-185 (1998) 

3. L.J. Cabri and J.L. Campbell
The proton microprobe in ore mineralogy (micro-PIXE) in "Modern Approaches to Ore and Environmental Mineralogy" eds. L.J. Cabri and D.J. Vaughan (Short Course Series 27, 1998: Commission on Ore Mineralogy: International Mineralogy Association 

4. J.L. Campbell
Particle-induced X-ray emission: in Encyclopedia of Geochemistry, eds. C.P. Marshall and R.W. Fairbridge, Kluwer Academic Publishers,  488-489 (1999)




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1. Z. Nejedly, J.L. Campbell, W.J. Teesdale, J. Brooke, A.H. Wiebe, R.M. Hoff, T. Dann 
Comparison of multi-elemental analyses of aerosols by PIXE, PESA, EDXRF and IC 
Nucl. Instr. and Meth. B103, 473-476 (1995) 

2. Z. Nejedly, J.L. Campbell, W.J. Teesdale, J.F. Dlouhy, T.F. Dann, R.M. Hoff, J.R. Brook, A.H. Wiebe 
Inter-laboratory comparison of air particulate monitoring data
J. Air and Waste Management Assoc. 48, 386-397 (1998)  

3. Z. Nejedly, W.J. Teesdale and J.L. Campbell
PIXE and PESA aspects of the Canadian visibility and fine particulate monitoring program 
Instr. and Meth., B130, 608-616 (1997) 

4. R. Hoff, L. Guise-Bagley, M. Moran, K. McDonald, Z. Nejedly, J.L. Campbell, S. Pryor, Y. Golestani and W. Malm
Recent visibility measurements in Canada
J. Air and Waste Management Assoc. 48, 386-397 (1998) 

5. Z. Nejedly, J.L. Campbell, S.N. Rogak and R.M. Hoff 
Air quality work at Guelph: GAViM and a traffic tunnel study 
Nucl. Instr. and. Meth. B150, 398-402 (1999) 

6. L. Cheng, 6  6. H. S. Sandhu, R. P. Angle, K. M. McDonald and R. H. Myrick 
Rural particulate matter in Alberta, Canada 
Atmos. Environment 34, 3365-3372 (2000) 

7. Z. Nejedly, J. L. Campbell, J. Brook, R. Vet and R. Eldred
Validation of GAViM trace element and black carbon data by inter-laboratory comparisons
Aerosol Science and Technology 7, 96-108 (2003)

8. H.K.T. Wong, C.M. Banic, S. Robert, Z. Nejedly, J.L. Campbell
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Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis 6,  131-137 (2006)

9. C. Banic, W.R. Leaitch, K. Strawbridge, R. Tanabe, H. Wong, C. Gariepy, A. Simonetti, Z. Nejedly, J.L. Campbell, J. Lu, J. Skeaff, D. Paktunc, J.I. McPherson, S. Daggupaty, H. Geonac'h, A. Chatt, M. Lamoureux. The physical and chemical evolution of aerosols in smelter and power plant plumes: an airborne study. Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis 6, 111-120 (2006).





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1. N.M Halden, J.A. Babaluk, J.L. Campbell and W.J. Teesdale
Scanning proton microprobe analysis of strontium in an arctic charr otolith: implications for anadromy
Env. Biol. Fishes 43,  333-339 (1995)

2. N.M. Halden, J.A. Babaluk, A.H. Kristofferson, J.L. Campbell, W.J. Teesdale, J.A. Maxwell and J.D. Reist 
Micro-PIXE studies of Sr zoning in Arctic charr otoliths: migratory behaviour and anadromy 
Proc. Seventh Int. Conf. on PIXE and its Analytical Applications. Nucl. Instrum. Meth. In Phys. Research B109/110 (1996) 592-597 

3. J.A. Babaluk, N.M. Halden, J.D. Reist, A.H. Kristofferson, J.L. Campbell and W.J. Teesdale 
Evidence for non-anadromous behaviour of Arctic charr from Lake Hazen, Ellesmere Island, NWT, Canada
Arctic 50 224-233 (1997) 

4. S.E. Campana, S.R. Thorrold, C.M. Jones, D. Günther, M. Tubrett, H. Longerich, S. Jackson, N.M. Halden, J.M. Kalish, P. Piccoli, H. de Pontual, H. Troadec, J. Panfili, D.H. Secor, K.P. Severin, S.H. Sie, R. Thresher, W.J. Teesdale and J.L. Campbell
Comparison of accuracy, precision, and sensitivity in elemental assays of fish otoliths using the electron microprobe, proton-induced X-ray emission, and laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry 
Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 54, 2068-2079 (1997)  

5. J.L. Campbell, J.A. Babaluk, N.M. Halden, A.H. Kristofferson, J.A.Maxwell J.D. Reist and W.J. Teesdale 
Micro-PIXE studies of char populations in Northern Canada 
Proc.8th Int. Conf. on PIXE and its applications, Nucl. Instrum. Meth. B150, 260-266 (1999)  

6. N.M. Halden, S.R. Mejia, J.A. Babaluk, J.D. Reist, A.H. Kristofferson, J.L. Campbell and W.J. Teesdale 
Oscillatory Zn distribution in Arctic char otoliths; the result of fish behaviour or environmental feedback? 
Proc. 2nd Int. Symposium on Fish Otolith Research and Application, Bergen, Norway, 1998, Fisheries Research 46, 289-298 (2000) 

7. V. Sahanatien, J. Reist and J. Babaluk 
How do we protect Arctic Char? Using otoliths to study migration patterns and assess stocks 
Research Links 6 (2) 1-4 

8. K. L. Howland, W. M. Tonn, J.A. Babaluk and R. Tallman 
Identification of freshwater and anadromous inconnu in the MacKenzie River system by analysis of otolith strontium 
Trans. Amer. Fisheries Soc. 130, 725-741 (2001) 

9. J. L. Campbell, J. A. Babaluk, M. Cooper, G. W. Grime, N. M. Halden, Z. Nejedly, I. Rajta and J. D. Reist 
Sr distribution in young-of-year Dolly Varden char otoliths: potential for stock discrimination 
Nucl. Instr. and Meth. B189, 185-189 (2002) 

10. J. A. Babaluk, J. L. Campbell, N. M. Halden, S. R. Mejia, Z. Nejedly, J. D. Reist and W. J. Teesdale
Micro-PIXE analysis of Sr in Arctic char otoliths from Quttinirpaaq National Park, Nunavut, Canada
Nucl. Instr. and Meth. B189, 191-195 (2002)

11. M. Saquet11. N. M. Halden, J. A. Babaluk, J.L. Campbell and Z. Nejedly 
 Micro-PIXE analysis of trace element variation in otoliths from fish collected near acid mine tailings: potential for monitoring contaminant dispersal
Nucl. Instr. and Meth. B189, 196-201 (2002)

12. J.A. Morris, R. A. Rulifson,  J.A. Babaluk, J.L. Campbell
Characteristics of striped bass migration based on otolith microchemistry
X-Ray Spectrom. 34, 301-305 (2005)

13. P. Morais, J. Babaluk, A. T. Correia, M. A. Chícharo J. L. Campbell, L. Chícharo. Diversity of anchovy migration patterns in a European temperate estuary and in its adjacent coastal area: Implications for fishery management. Journal of Sea Research 64, 295-303 (2010).



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1. M.A. Lovell, J.D. Robertson, W.D. Ehmann, W.R. Markesbery, W.J. Teesdale and J.L. Campbell 
Comparison of laser microprobe mass spectrometry and micro-PIXE for analysis of senile plaques in Alzheimer's disease: a preliminary study
J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem. 195,7-12 (1995)  

2. M.A. Lovell, J.D. Robertson, W.R. Markesbery, W.J. Teesdale and J.L. Campbell 
Copper, iron and zinc in Alzheimer's Disease senile plaques 
J. Neurol. Sci. 158,  47-52 (1998)

3. M. Zamburlini, J. L. Campbell, G. de Silveira, T. Butler, A. Pejovic-Milic, D. R. Chettle
Strontium depth distribution in human bone measured by micro-PIXE.
X-Ray Spectrometry 38, 271-277 (2009).